What Benefits Do I Get?

We are just getting started, and so are the benefits we can provide to you. However, be rest assured that as the registry grows in size and membership, we will be able to provide you more benefits.

At the same time, we humbly believe that the following benefits at this stage will encourage you to become a member of the registry. Thank you.

  • A completely private membership. Your profile and choices are visible only to you. No other member will be able to know that you are also a member. We respect your privacy, and we are GDPR-compliant.
  • You will be kept aware of the developments that will enable you to:
    • go to orbit and beyond,
    • do activities out in the Solar System, and
    • settle Mars and other worlds, in your lifetime.
  • A quarterly newsletter providing you with information on the evolution of the registry and the developments in the space industry.
  • A personal email from Dr. Anis Karim, CEO of OneSpace Technologies Inc. to the first 149 members.
  • As an early adopter, you will be eligible for complimentary offers and/or discounts as the registry grows.