Why We Took This Bold Step Forward?

We believe that the following reasons are more than enough to answer this question:

  • Even 60+ years into the space age, neither you nor we have gone into space. The number of people who have ever been in space is just 550+. That’s a very small percentage of the people who have lived and are living in the space era. And most of the people who went to space have been government bureaucrats. We all know that we can count on our fingers the number of space tourists (or spaceflight participants) until now, and they all are billionaires. Ordinary people have not yet got the opportunity to go to space. Why has this been so?
    • We strongly believe that the taking over of the space sector in its infancy and later by national governments that allowed only little participation from the commercial space industry is the reason. Of course, 60 years back, the space sector needed billions of dollars of investment, which only governments could provide at that time. But the fact is that even well into the space age, the national governments continued to hold that monopoly without letting the commercial space industry grow. That crippled the efforts by private companies to get people into space, and it even continues now whether or not you are aware of it.

  • Today, thanks to the latest and continuing advancements in technology, and miniaturization, the cost to get to orbit has considerably come down. Now, it’s just a matter of willpower and boldness; not money. We are here to bring the costs even lower, and get you into space.
  • Throughout history, it had been the private sector that made commercial transportation a reality, and the governments just followed it. Think about this. Mere years after the first locomotive, there were rail lines. Mere years after the Wright Brothers’ first flight, there were airlines. Traditional aerospace has wasted over sixty years, and the vast majority of people have never traveled in space. This is our exciting goal: we will accelerate getting you into space.
  • Our mission in creating this Space Consumer Registry: Your membership in this registry communicates your undeterred interest in traveling to space and settle other worlds. You are encouraging space development at a time when struggling space entrepreneurs badly need encouragement. The technologies exist to get people into space; but bringing marketing people, engineers, finance people, entrepreneurs, and real estate developers together is harder than it needs to be. As more and more people get registered, it will motivate the commercial space transportation industry to push forward breaking the obstacles, and thus help humanity transform from a multinational species to a multi-world™ species.
  • Three trends are driving space development:
    1. Space is beginning to be seen as another consumer mass market.
    2. Innovation is bringing down the cost to orbit.
    3. With globalization, deregulation, and privatization, the roadblocks to progress are being bypassed.
  • These trends call on the private sector to make the Solar System accessible to business and consumers.
  • At OneSpace Technologies, we started with the dream of helping NewSpace entrepreneurs to take that oftheard phrase “humanity is a spacefaring civilization” and turn it into reality. To make human spaceflight affordable, the company is at the verge of yet another revolution in thought and action. Consumers have waited for their chance to tour the Solar System since Jules Verne published From the Earth to the Moon in 1865. We are now racing to meet the challenges.
  • Hence,
    • Our mission: To create products and services that actually get people safely into orbit and deep space at low cost.
    • Our vision: Billions of people in space and on other worlds as a direct result of our work.